Christmas on Middletown, CA

A lot of joy during these days and Christmas is around the corner, my dearies, so I want to tell my visit to Santa, or instead, Santa visited us on Middletown, CA.

It was not like others days. That day was unique and with a lot of magic in the air, plenty people on the streets with happy smiles, wearing Christmas hats, traditional ugly Christmas sweaters and some people singing noels. Christmas is that the sweet spirit of pleasure and time to share happiness.

During all day along plentifulness activities: tables all around the town with plenty goodies, small tracks with horses for kids to ride and give them a pleasant stroll, and the big success Santa was arriving in Middletown.

We were waiting for him in an extensive line to have the chance to hold a friendly chat and ask for him our Christmas wish. While we were waiting for Santa came. We were drinking a kind hot chocolate with marshmallows, eating some cookies and sweetness the night with cane candies besides.

Finally, Santa arrived in a big fire truck and a lot of sirens announcing his arrival. He began to have a gentle chat with each child on the line. Conclusively our time hit and our amuse time with Santa reached. Well, actually all of this was for my little one. It was her first time meeting Santa in person, and she was so shy I can't blame her: Who was this enormous and a chunky guy with a tremendous white beard, wearing a red suit and all the kids sitting on his lap. Weird, doesn't it? Probably my little one thought that!. 

Then holding my baby while Santa was trying to have a friendly chat with my girl as she didn't want to be held for him, and that was good. And I said that since besides, who wants to be held for strangers. Entirely, she is learning well our lesson at home about don't be with strangers even Santa, lol.
After our interaction with Santa, The elves gave her a sweet stuffed toy bear angel.

Great event in our charming small town, my dearie. 

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