Moms from Middletown, California

We just moved to Hidden Valley Lake a couple of months ago, and the area is such a beautiful paradise. It is so wholly and very peaceful place though my dearies I want to talk about MOMS4MOMS in HVL, so let's start.

When you moved out and started your life in a new home, where you don't know anything about it. It's personally hard because everything is new. Nevertheless, I am so glad that I have a lovely people around me that open their hearts and let me be part of them, yeah! I am talking about HVmoms4moms. It's a Community Organization in Middletown, California of moms and children that are providing entertainment. It is a  trustworthy place for moms and children to learn and have fun. They plan gatherings one per month about crafts, discussions, and a lot of stuff. I had the opportunity to be part of their Christmas party on December 13th.

Moms4moms, Christmas party
It was my first gathering with them, and it was a very enjoyable time where each one brought a mug to exchange. We played around the mugs and started to pick one with the option to keep or steal one from someone was holding already. I am not indeed very familiar with this game however it was amusing to play it. It was a pleasure time and a lot of yummy treats to share with everybody. The time with them was so friendly that I could imagine and I am feeling so fortunate having new friends around me. Looking forward to meeting them again, my dearies.

My picked mug, filled with chocolate candy
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