Free testing product for real with The Insiders

What's up Dearie? Today I am going to explain What is The Insiders? and they give you a free testing product for real? 

Yeah! This site offered test new products for free at no cost. NOT EVEN SHIPPING!. Actually I can say that because this is true! and I am a Insiders member and I have been able to participate in campaigns.

What is The insiders?

Its a company that works word-of-mouth with campaigns and these campaigns are easy and fun way to test, share, and talk about the products.

How does it work?

  1. REGISTER – Choose your campaigns.
  2. TRY IT
  4. And when you are selected 

Don't forget to made your move, this is my daughter helping me with the happy dance demonstration after been selected.

So here: my dearies my Kopari Beauty Campaign with them:

They sent me all of these ... Oh my gosh!

I shared it with my dearies

Obviously, I tried on me!

And I shared my beauty video

ah!!  and that is not all after my Campaign

And, A winner for my amazing campaign. what was it?

Oh my gosh!!!. A Samsung Gear 360 video and photo.
I am still learning how to use it 

Here some link that you might interested:

and some Kopary beauty online coupons code too my dearie

$ 5 off  JSL42NUQFUO

$ 10 off 7ETOWGJW3U65

So this is for real and I talk for real my dearie so what do you think?

I was not in any way compensated to talk about this company. I just really wanted you to know about it!

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