About me


My name is Genny. I am a Latin girl born in Colombia and living in CA. Dearest wife and mother of three. I built this Blog in 2016 with the title What's up dearie? Inaugurating this Blog is something I have wanted to do for a prolonged period, but I knew it would be a distraction, however, here I am, and if you see this, here we are.
This Blog is about Lifestyle, beauty, art, craft, reviews that matter, and other fantastic stuff. Weird and beautiful things around here and around there. And I've been trying to unify all my items, like my art, photography, style, etc., with just one name, so it will inevitably become a favorite place for all of us to be inspired to live a meaningful and vibrant life. This space has been growing, and I feel proud of this project. So it will be great to have you here looking for inspiration for the attire, tips, or relaxation time.

My goal is to hold everything collectively, and I have a positive attitude; with your support, because you are reading this, I can do it, so join me on my adventure as a wifey and mom.
I am incredibly thankful for all of you who stop over here.
Thanks so much for visiting!
Stay tuned for weekly posts.

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