Wine in the Mythical Napa

Have a taste for a wine adventure, my dearie? Tasting is the right way to explore food and wine around the Napa Valley. Fantastic place that allows you to enjoy the natural aromas and flavors perfectly.

One of my favorites spots is Sterling Vineyards which provides incredible views of the neighboring hills and valley. The perfect ride to the top of the winery’s towers is in the Gondola. The winery’s old bells are from London’s Church of St. and sound down through the picturesque views of Napa Valley. This Greek-inspired heritage is an impressive architectural achievement of beauty, luxury, and passion. Lovely outdoor terraces and elegant tasting rooms provide the perfect atmosphere to enjoy outstanding wines in Napa Valley.

Another tasting place is the Castello di Amorosa is an Italian inspired scene;  that offers guided tours of the castle & tastings wines. Feeling me like a Queen through the halls of a medieval European Tuscan castle and exploring all of the different and unusual rooms was and incredible experience. And the Charming open air on the Terrace and The Courtyard, enclosed by walls of squared stone and antique brick were the hit.

Indeed, Fantastic rooms and sights to explore in Napa Valley.

Tip how to taste wine
1. Perceive the color and purity of the wine. 
2. Wave the glass gently; this leaves the aromas clear.
3. Smell the scent
4. Sip and allow it stay in your mouth. 
5. Enjoy the experience.

Besides from chic to informal, tasting rooms are a relaxed way to try a mixture of wines my dearies, So are you ready for your wine adventure?
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