A Great Happy Two Years Birthday

My daughter is growing so fast that I can't believe she just turned two a couple of days before. She is lovely, active, amusing, playful and very creative little one and I organized for her a birthday party with the theme "Finding Dory." thus my dearies, take a look at this happy party.

All around the house had decoration about Dory even her little tutu dress. Also, I made a schedule for her party, so I knew precisely how entertainment the children with activities, crafts, and games all the time along.
Having fun in the bounce was the first activity.
Making bubbles with Dory
A craft decoration
Finding Dory's friend heart
For each game or event, I gave a gift to the winner. We were extraordinarily happy together family, friends enjoying the time, laughing, playing, chatting and eating all the goodies. 

This was the first time that I cooked a Birthday Cake, and I was terrified of it. I had to watch a  lot of videos first to find the right one to help me out with this challenge. Well, I should say I was impressed with my cook results and not just with the cake with everything since "Dory cake until Dory: Sea creatures gelatin." Also, for lunch was vegetables, chicken BBQ, and meatballs and some snacks for our guest.
Dory's Vanilla Cake
Marshmallow's Dory
Dory's sugar cookie
Dory: Sea creatures gelatin (gummies inside)
Popcorn for the movie at the end of the party. Might you guess which movie was?
Good time for everyone and especially for my little one. She enjoyed the bounce, the bubbles, and play with the kids. I love to see her laughing, smiling and such happy.

My baby first birthday was about the little monster theme, and it was a success too and this year Finding Dory. We'll see what it could be next time.

Whats up dearie Signature with love

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