Toddler exploring creativity

My dearies, I want to share with all of you, the moments of creativity of my daughter. I hope my dearies enjoy it the same I do. When a toddler is happy, surely a happy mommy too. The more they explore, the more they learn.
toddler creativity
She likes to sing and play music

My daughter adores to pretend or play music, cook, paint, dance, sing, watch movies and read and I never force her to do something that she doesn't want to do, and she is the happiest baby in the world indeed.
toddler making cakes
Making brownies

We enjoy time together, she is my little helper when I am cooking, she is my company during all my day along. We love to dance and shake our booty like the same way in Madagascar movie. Always there is time for big hugs and kisses, and she pretty adores it.

toddler, monkey see
Monkey see monkey do
The moments are endless and for sure unforgettable and watch her grow up with happiness makes me feel the best mommy ever. I certainly enjoy sharing these fabulous times of bliss my dearies, and there will be more of that, and I will be more than delighted to share it.
Painting on her way

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