Why are Probiotics good for Kids?

Probiotics claim that they can Improve immunity! Prevents diarrhea! Helps calm colic!  And as you'll see, there is proof that probiotics can perform a role in improving colic, eczema, and intestinal problems. Let's find out, my dearies.

 Culturelle review

Firstly what do probiotic means: It is a microorganism introduced good bacteria into our gastrointestinal tract for its beneficial qualities., these good bacteria help maintain the natural balance in our child body’s digestive and immune system, permitting their bodies to function correctly. 

We already have trillions of bacteria both; good and bad living in our child's gastrointestinal system and our own too, many of those are considered to be good because they help ours keep healthy. They've been there since birth.

There are ways to increase and help the bacteria balance in our digestive system:

Healthy food: Vegetables, Proteins

No much sugar
Natural Yogurt, Cheeses, etc. are natural reservoirs of probiotics and eating a variety of these will support all the beneficial strains of bacteria. 
Water or milk 
Vitamin D 
Take a Probiotic Supplement: Not all the foods contain nearly enough probiotic. We most likely need probiotic supplements, and they come in all kinds of forms, like drops, chewable tablets among others.

Culturelle probiotic, it is one of those Probiotic Supplements. It does not have a taste. The packets are convenient when we travel; they are comfortable to open and dissolve very easy so it can add to any cold liquid or food. It is dairy-free, gluten-free & sugar-free. 

Do you get enough good bacteria for your child, my dearie? Well, I do!

This post was sponsored. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.
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