Photoshop: Photo Manipulation


Photoshop: Photo Manipulation Techniques to Improve Your Pictures to World Class Quality Using Photoshop by John Slavio

Photo Manipulation

This book is a little around History of Photoshop and some essential superficial tools. It does an excellent commencement for anybody doesn't know the program and where to detect and locate the primary tools and set them to use.

Then, when I started to read this book about Photoshop doesn't do gif or animated photos, I just know that this book literally is not for me, why?  I have been working on Photoshop, and I know the necessary tools and a little more here and there on this program and, that's why I can say that. Because, I know Photoshop allows us to create animations in images, video, and flash.

Photoshop, is one of the most influential and modern image processing software tools of today. I want to be clear from the beginning that Photoshop is mainly oriented to treat and manipulate images, either created by other programs or digitized by a scanner or camera. Then, once you have inserted the image into the program, you could retouch it, transform it and edit it with an endless number of magic possibilities. However, We can't stop there because it is a program most used by designers and illustrators. That's why I have looked for more Knowledge and improve my techniques in Photoshop but this book not very helpful for that purpose of my Knowledge. However, what I said a good start just for beginners to understand and merge with the necessary tools, formats, some adjustments and acquainted with the program.

Art gif illustration created in Photoshop by Genny (me)


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