It's Potty Time, No More Diapers

The best way that I handled potty-time stage fright with my daughter, and I will explain it in this post, my dearies.  I was working with her to help her to understand the steps to put the potty training process in action. And this took me just a long week to finish this process.

Potty-time requires commitment, attention, and dedication. So, these are my greatest star tips let's get started.

Potty time

  • My daughter never wore diapers or pants in the house during the teaching process for the first days, and she just uses a diaper only at night.
  • I invented for her the "pee and poop dance and song."
  • I celebrated, and I am still doing that for her, the success event potty-time, every time that she uses the bathroom, showing her my happiness. This celebration helps her to feel more confident. Also, it makes the removal of the diaper, a fun and exciting time for my little one.
  • Also, I take her to the bathroom with me when I need to go. So, she can watch how I use the bathroom, how I sit on the toilet, how to flush the toilet and how I wash my hands. "Monkey see monkey do."
  • As well, before going to bed at night, I tell her time to go to the bathroom. So sometimes she stays dry.
  • Besides, I bought for her a doll that pees and poops as an example, to demonstrate her the process; additionally, I bought some books and put her a lot of videos about "pee and poop."

Potty time learning

Things that you might have for potty-time
potty seat
potty toys

Potty trainning process

This training process shouldn't be a rush, and even we don't need to try to push them to do something that they are not ready yet. And we need to encourage them as soon as they start to show an interest. Every kid is different, and they are not enthusiastic for potty-time at the same age. As my children as an example; my old kids started at the age of twelve months working with them with the same technique, and with my youngest, I tried a couple of times however she was not ready yet until now. 

Signs that they might prepare for a potty training
Trying to pull a wet diaper
Hiding to pee or poop
Showing interest

Potty time is fun

potty time play together

Removing diapers does not mean that every child will use the potty correctly. It indicates that very soon they will not wear diapers anymore even at night and they might have accidents occasionally, and that's why we are here to encourage them with this process still.

Here a video that I made when she was one, as I said before. I tried the potty training with her a couple times before, and She was just ready at the age of two.

potty girl

potty time

So, my dear, are your little one ready to take off the diaper?

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