Terrifying and Spooky Halloween Time

My dears, Halloween, It was one of the best moments and terrifying October time for the whole family, very frightening and unforgettable than ever. Tremendous seasons, full of magic, costumes and a lot of happiness.
We celebrate Halloween in advance. Yeah! Why only enjoy the decoration and the event only 2 or 3 hours, one day a year? If, we can commemorate this time a whole month. With parties, Halloween games, preparing snacks, drinks, crazy Halloween makeups, and music. 

Searching the best pumpkin

Halloween has become a relevant date for us. The preparations of costumes, makeup, candy excite us and involve more each year my dear.
And together with these beautiful experiences, we celebrate something different every year and without a doubt reinvent something new every time, in one of the favorites and terrifying season of the year.

Halloween is celebrated once a year, so why not give it all? Right! So we did! It was the perfect excuse to have a party and celebrate it. And that's why we did a great party for the kids full of music, food, goodies and some Halloween activities for all of us. I dressed up my little one as a kitty for the party. Indeed she loves to be one.

halloween partyn

halloween tiger custome

Also, The carving of the pumpkin was not lacking, it was a very cumbersome task, but it was enjoyable. It was the first time for all of us doing this crafty and tricky activity. We emptied the pumpkin (this was the overall part for them), we drew funny faces and cut it. Then we put a candle inside the pumpkin to light the entrance to the house. Not too bad for our first trying, Don't you think?

carving pumpkin

Searching and carving the best pumpkin

family carving pumpkin


Celebrating Halloween is more fun when we decorate the interior and exterior of the house with lots of decorations to scare anyone who dares to approach the door. Witches, zombies, corpse brides, skeletons, and pumpkins will always be the main protagonists of this Halloween time.

celebrating halloween

We also went to The Pumpkin Patch where don't just get Pumpkins, they arise family Memories. It was the fun fall activity for my kids. We selected some pumpkin, and we slide a bunch of times.

happy pumpkings

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch fun

slide pumpkin patch

We also went to our Halloween night of Trick-or-Treat. I love how everyone goes all out here dress up and all the crazy decorations. And we could not miss the photo section in the stand of the unique decor for the kids. This year my little one was a little fairy.

Halloween background decoration

It was a memorable Halloween, and now we are waiting to switch into Thanksgiving mode. And more exciting stuff the next couple of months!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween and is moderately recovering from all the sugar superabundance!

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