Holidays Summary

There has been a lot of activities lately as a November and December were very busy time. I didn’t even send out my Christmas cards for everybody this year! So I decided to share some of our fun activities with you, my dearies! I hope you love them as much as I do.

racing time

We had a fantastic racing time. On the first race track the winner was my husband and on the second one my beloved daughter. I think I'm not a very fast driver even on that racetrack, but very cautious indeed. We also enjoyed a great and fun birthday, my little just turned three, and we celebrated it with Elmo. The happy red muppet from Sesame Street. Here the link from her Birthday partyThen the festivities, the gingerbread creation where each one in the house was dedicated to decorated in their way, Christmas lights, family and friends gatherings, lots of food and desserts. And the best was the joy of celebrating the festivities with family and friends and could share them now with all my dear readers.

extreme video games

elmo party

ginger bread

christmas tree

christmas family memories

Now that all the holiday hustle is over, it’s eventually time for me to relax and start to write down my post about Resolution for the New year!!
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