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Snacks should be healthy for children, as well as a pleasant taste. As parents, we want our children always to enjoy the best health conditions, and for this, it is essential that we take care of the food to include in their snacky times and get rid of the junk foods and use our creativity to help them to enjoy a delicious and nutritious snack.
Sweetie Pie Organics Snack

Food is essential at any time in our lives, but even more when we are small and growing. Our eating habits when we are children will mark our way of feeding and take care of ourselves when we get older, that is why it is essential to know how to educate our children on a healthy alimentation. And healthy snacks keep them full of energy and strength., that's right! My dearie.

And discovering real organic products and nutritionally balanced options for our children does not have to be frustration at all, and anyone with a toddler knows that a snacky time it's a precious time. 

So that's why I chose Apple Tiny Wafers for my little one, and they are the absolute healthy snack resolution. These delicious snacks are baking with more than 50% of real fruit and veggie purees and the best without sugar. Tiny wafers are the precise size and form; They are light and very crunchy.
Sweetie Pie Organics Snack favors

Apple Tiny Wafers has three different flavors
Apple Tiny Wafers
The Apple flavor is not intense, with a light touch of cinnamon.  

Sweet Beet Tiny Wafers
Sweet Beet wafers are light and very crunchy; these Tiny wafers are made with organic beetroot juice and a hint of shallots. An excellent snack. 

Carrot Tiny Wafers
Carrot wafers are made with real organic carrot puree and organic carrot juice they are the appropriate snack.
Sweetie Pie Organics Snack for kids
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Snacks for kids
 Great snack to pair with peanut butter
Sweetie Pie Snack
 Excellent snack while they are playing.
snacks for kids
 Wonderful snacky with a story time
snacks on the go
Outstanding snack on the go
I fell in love with Sweetie Pie Organics, and I know you will too.
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Anytime anywhere Sweetie Pie the perfect one
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