Cooking with Malaysian Palm Oil


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Malaysian Palm Oil

Today, my dear readers, we have many types of vegetable oils and fats that we can use in the kitchen. And we can find varieties of olive oils, sunflower, corn, seeds and vegetable margarine enriched or regular in any supermarket we find varieties of olive oils, sunflower, corn, grains and enriched or regular vegetable margarine, but how to choose the right one?

Oil is one of the most used products in all kitchens in the world. In almost all its varieties it is used for frying and to facilitate the elaboration of diverse recipes that to some extent require fat to be cooked.

cooking with Malaysian Palm Oil

We have the idea that fat is wrong, but in reality, this idea is entirely false. The consumption of fat is necessary for the body and essential to be healthy. Provided that it is absorbed correctly and in its proper measure. As an example, among the components of fat, there are essential vitamins and essential fatty acids for our bodies to function correctly.

Then, I discovered that Malaysian Palm Oil is by far the most efficient oil crop compared to soy, sunflower, pumpkin seed, peanuts, and others. This Malaysian Palm Oil offers numerous health attributes, such as a high content of antioxidants, acids and other ingredients that help reduce cholesterol levels in human blood. It can be used in the production of margarine, substitute for cocoa butter and many more products. Malaysian Palm Oil is semi-solid at room temperature, plus it has excellent resistance to oxidation and heat at high and prolonged temperatures; Therefore, make palm oil an ideal ingredient for frying oil blends.

Vegatables and Malaysian Palm Oil

Malaysian Palm Oil has a deep orange-red glow color because of the massive content of natural carotenes. It is a valuable source of carotenoids and vitamin E that confers inherent stability against oxidative deterioration.

It is also acknowledged that Malaysian Palm Oil contains significant amounts of saturated fats, vitamins, and antioxidants, and many studies have found that Malaysian Palm Oil plays a role in the promotion of cardiovascular health. And it helps strengthen the body's immune system and reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, and cataracts.

Malaysian Palm Oil healthy

Why Malaysian Palm Oil?
It is an oil that resists high temperatures without burning.
Does not generate fumes.
It does not attach any flavor to the food.
It is an oil widely used in the production of cakes and pastries.
It is also used to make ice cream, margarine, many of the pre-cooked dishes, cookies, etc.

Indisputably, Malaysian Palm Oil is wholly recommended its a sizeable bright option for nutritional and health benefit, and I use it for all my meals from popcorn to a specific dish for dinner.

Malaysian Palm Oil and pop corn

Malaysian Palm Oil proceeds from the fruit of the oil palm tree, which can merely develop near the equator. These trees have been providing rich oil fruit for decades, giving a solid habitat for the wildlife. Learn more about this here
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