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Who has not manifested a tantrum, to tell the truth, I have experienced them in different places, as in the store, in the cinema but without any doubt in my own home. Tantrums always will be around us, we can't ignore them, and for them, there is not Antidote at all, Right! (lol), but there is a way to control them.
The first thing we have to do to manage or control them is to understand them. This is not always as EASY as it sounds, because tantrums or emotional crises are generated by many different things: fear, frustration, anger, as to mention some.

Besides, tantrums can occur when children are tired, hungry, upset, or uncomfortable. TAMTRUM is a standard or rational part of children's development. The way that young children show their discomfort or frustration. Learning to deal with this frustration is a skill that children beat over time. 
Zafooz mindfulness for children
The idea is to introduce exercises to control temper tantrums, using relaxation or meditation tools, such as stories, with quiet and silent environments. As when going to bed to facilitate the transition to sleep; or instructions focused on the control of breathing, or a simple walk under a sunny day, all of this accompany of a welcoming element as a Zafooz. An adorable pillow, the Zafooz is a fun and useful mixture of a meditation cushion plush animal. All Zafooz have friendly, and cute faces to tell kids that it is wise to slow down and go within.
Zafooz a plush animal

How to meditate with your kid?
1. The first thing we must learn is to breathe. Lie comfortably on your back and place your favorite pillow Zafooz cushion on your abdomen. Ask your kid to inhale deeply and, in doing so, push the cushion with his stomach.
2. Then sit on your pillow and with your eyes closed, imagine simple things in each inhalation and each exhalation.
At the end of the meditation, open your eyes very slowly, and share your experience during meditation. Let your kid tell you how they felt, what feelings they had, what they learning was, and listen carefully. You will be surprised by what you will hear.

Benefits of meditation
- Improves concentration and creativity.
- Increase your confidence
- Reduces anxiety and stress.
- Free them from their fears and prepare them to face the challenges of growth.
- Facilitates good rest.
- Break with monotony and eliminate depression.
- Help manage negative emotions and clear doubts.

The best way to teach something is through example, so if you want to show your little ones to meditate, so you are the first to do it with perseverance and discipline. Moreover, Zafooz can help you to do it; besides, Zafooz comes in six different stuffed animals and each with its unique mantra and personality that can help you on the process. So, let's save 15% on zafooz.com/shop purchase by using the promo code breatheBhappy. Valid until July 22, 2019
Zafooz a meditation cushion pillow

This post was sponsored. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. 

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