Disney Playdate Party: #NowMoreThanEver Magical Day

Disney Princesses are and always will be one of the best perfect pick options for our little ones. In this case, for our Sponsored Disney Playdate Party will have Elena of Avalor. A Princess on a big mission to recover her kingdom and her throne.
The best thing of a princesses' theme is that they have a considerable repertoire to carry on: stunning decoration, assorted colors, stunning balloons, and mixed multicolored garlands. So those are just a couple to mention because I will suggest some with details that I had on our party and certainly every little girl will adore having on their own.
Being a small party or a big one, we must plan it with time, creativity, and organization. With this guide, I will help you to organize your own Disney Playdate Party better.
#nowmorethanever disney party

Date and time: Decide the date and time of your party. Try to plan it on in advance that does not coincide with holidays. In this way, more people will be able to attend your event. We chose our party on the weekend and in the afternoon. Besides, If you have time to plan it, you will find better deals to find out.

Location: Where will the party be? Will it be indoors or outdoors? In this case, we planned our party outdoors, under the hot sun of California; actually, it was a sweltering day, I believe it was 80° Fahrenheit, and I felt I was melting already. I think for the kids was great; they clearly and pretty love play and play more without worry about the weather.

Topic: We already told you guys ours, Elena of Avalor, a princess trying to reclaim her kingdom. Decide which one it will be yours if it's going to be a themed party or not. Why are you making this party? Is it for a particular date or just because you feel like it? Will they need to dress in any specific way? Alternatively, for our party, they only needed a swimsuit to splash into our little pool.
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Menu: Will you serve food and drink?
If you are going to prepare food, it is more practical for something that people can eat easily: like some snacks: as salami with cheese, some olives (these are my little one fave), chips to dip on hummus or some popped, This one, it's absolutely the hit one. Those are also the best and an excellent option to dip in.
The popped are mini popcorn cakes, a delicious sensation of a marshmallow treat with some worm gums, sprinkles, and white chocolate. What else we can add to this, right! If it has already the yummy ingredients for the kids.
It is good to add some dessert at the end, like some brownie with ice cream on the top for the grand finale.
It will always be more comfortable to clean afterward if we use, of course, some disposables: tablecloths, plastic bowls, plates, plastic cups, forks, napkins, etc.
popped passion popcorn

Budget: How much will it cost to rent a place, food, drink, entertainment, etc.? because this party was sponsored doesn't mean I didn't have to buy anything. I put a lot of time and effort into this party, and I decided to celebrate as always I do, so I celebrated it as a good Latina, who loves parties and celebrate them quite big. Then I decided to look for a nice souvenir for the children and found a good suggestion at the Disney Store, so I bought some little Mickey Mouse and Minnie plush, as well as some Elena's figurines characters, those would be the delightful flavors for the children. Besides purchasing the filling for the pinata and the food. Also, don't forget that your time is worth a lot. And If your idea is to save as much as possible in the organization of the event in a budget for parties, then it is convenient to be very creative when decorations, so you can use a few materials that you already have at home to decorate the place, such as balloons, or garlands from old parties.
On the other hand, do not forget to ask for confirmation of assistance to your guests, so you will know who will attend.
Creating a budget means recreating the event in our mind so that we do not forget anything.
Elena of avalor figurines

mickey and minnie plush

Program: It is time to start preparing a program schedule. Are there going to be activities?
We program some craft, coloring, and fab fortune-tellers; however, the hot weather made us change plans, and the kids jumped into the pool, it doesn't matter at all. If everything, as we planned it just take a turn, it's ok. Because the reason for a party, it always is the same have fun after all.

Invitations: create online invitations for your event. You can share it with your friends by mail or social networks so that no one forgets your fact. Moreover, since we are in the world of princesses, you must do it as if you were royalty. Let them be Elsa or Anna, Cinderella, little Sofia ... or your little girl's favorite Disney Princess who tells her friends that she's going to give a Disney party in her style.
Elena of Avalor invitation party

We have already sent the invitations, and now it's time to decorate our place where this party is going to be celebrated. You can not miss the theme napkins, the glasses, the dishes, the tablecloth, the candy bags, or the pinata. Our decoration was on the patio with some multicolored balloons, amazing colorful hanging Swirls, a big blackboard with a charming message for our guests. We used a canopy tent to cover the pool for the kids, I know I had to use another one for the food, but anyways well nothing is perfect, so I had to carry the food inside and outside a couple of times, but who cares.

Moreover, After enough splashing, dive into the water, throw water toys around the pool, shoot with water pistols in the air and ride for a few hours to a large floating called Joe; as a guest at the party. We had fun helping Princess Elena find her royal tiara, and smash into Elena of Avalor piñata, filling with some candies as a gummies, chocolates and Disney's Elena Party Favor full of little princesses need for their everyday lives, flutes, mini sketch pads, jeweled hair clips, bangle bracelets, and some plastic stencils. This part was the best for me watching all the kids one by one smashing the pinata until it was broken.
Elena of avalor pinata

Well, are you ready to celebrate an unforgettable Disney playdate party? Let the magic begin ... and HAPPY PARTY!

Thank you #NowMoreThanEver Disney Playdate Party to help me to host and create a fun celebration for my friends and my little one. We had a magical blast time together, this was our first Walt Disney World magic experience, and I assure we will have more.

This post was sponsored. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. 
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