Ideas for a scary party night on Halloween

Mummies, ghosts, spiders, bats, skeletons, pumpkins ... Easy and fun crafts to do at home and enjoy Halloween with children. However, If there is a figure that has become popular in the celebration of Halloween night, it's the Calavera Catrina, as it was baptized by the painter Diego de Rivera. A character that inspires costumes and colorful masks, but also becomes a resource for decoration. Here an enjoyable idea to make on Halloween based on the figure of the terrifying Catrina.
craft Ideas for halloween

Decorative small-piñatas
You can make them and decorate the house, or it will be a great goodie bag for the kids filling this small-pinatas with some yummy candies. To start doing this craft decoration, let's download Catrina's pinata printable here. Once you have the base of the skull mounted, decorate it with some colored tissue paper, the skull faces, and the back and front and voila, we have a beautiful decorative pinata for children.
halloween ideas

ideas for halloween

Garlands and hanging elements are another Halloween crafts idea that we can do very quickly and simple that, in a short time, will help us to acclimatize our house a bit. And we just we will need a little cardboard for some hanging ghosts, or colorful bats begin to parade through our home. We can opt for entertainment and casual version of Halloween and bet on decorative elements inspired by Halloween but not really scary. For example, these charming ghosts.

Cotton ghosts
On a white card, draw and cut out the shape of the figurine, then make cotton balls and stick them on the paperboard. To finish with black cardboard cut out and shape the eyes and mouth of the scary ghost.
crafts ideas for kids

Decorate a pumpkin
Another fun and different way to decorate our Halloween party is to decorate pumpkins. In addition to carving them, we can make drawings or painted some patterns, scary faces, or some of our favorite characters. Choose the motive you like best or go with your decoration. If you are good at drawing, we can do it freehand, or use some templates and trace it on them, then paint. With a little patience, we will have an excellent pumpkin decoration for our inspired Halloween day or party.
decorating pumpking

decorating pumpking

I hope you liked the Halloween ideas and put some of them into practice.  Have a terrifying and fantastic Halloween day !!
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