Getting Married: Nightmare or Happiness

Getting married, it could be the best day ever or the worst nightmare, and it just depends on the way we look at that. 
There are different places to choose a perfect wedding like a beautiful beach, a castle, a farm, at a resort or why not on a beautiful island, Regardless, there so many ideas that it would turn on something very fancy, simple, terrible or terrified. 
Well, in this case, picked up for a natural, fresh, and intimate wedding on the beach. 
So let's start the story, Dearies. 

Wedding Rings

Already said that we decided to get married on the beach, well, we began to find our spot with a lovely beach. So, we saw in Gualala the ideal place. We started making the reservation. We called and emailed the hotel so many times. Even, we thought at that moment, what a terrible service they have or decide to make them on, and they are just in a busy season. Finally, we got the reservation where the room had a lovely view, included wedding package, and own appropriate beach. Was it just a perfect marriage right? The desire day arrived, and we made our trip to our expected Gualala. When we reached what an unpredicted surprise, came out. We found out that we did not have any reservation even with the payment accomplished
previously. They just made a mistake and reserved it on a wrong day. Moreover, just start up with the story, dearies. 

We had to wait for a couple of hours for something available, eventually, with an unexpected room, and without a working shower! All of that occurred in precisely one night. 

The next day we would have a lot of work to do. We requirement to find a beach or did not mention it before. We did not know it either, in fact when we went to check the approach to the beach; we found out that it required some skills to get there. We thought it could be very extremely dangerous, indeed no way. We were not going to put somebody in an unsafe situation just for making us happy. Thus, we talked to them, and they said that we did not have access to the wedding deck, arc or all the wedding package. Actually, it came with a different price. So we decided to alter our plans and not do more business with them after all.

So we started to find a beach and let's say something, it was no easy at all. Finally, we found the right one, with safe access and very delightful also, called Cooks Beach. Great, we had a new place for our ceremony. Now we needed to make some calls to inform our family, officiant, and photographer about some little changes. Yeah! Ironic small changes. The rest of the day we tried to relax for our next day. 

wedding decor

Sunday morning. We run into a different room to have a shower and came back to our room to get ready for our wedding. Started to do my hair, my makeup and got dressed my little one, also gave her some final perform about the petals on her basket,  decorate the room with some blue leaves and organize the final details and eventually get dressed. 
wedding cake
wedding flowers

wedding dress

After all preparation and everyone was ready. We went to the beach for the ceremony. It was just like dreamt it. Breeze on our face, the sweet smell of the air and the beautiful sound of the waves.

Also, we had the best Officiant who devotedly dedicated to preparing the ceremony in Spanish and English. 
An excellent and unique moment when we said, we do and when We promised us to share the rest of our lives together.
wedding pictures

We spent a couple of hours taking amazing pictures on the beach. The ceremony and the time on the beach were the absolute, perfect and fantastic time ever for my husband and me.
wedding beach=


We came back to the hotel for our toast and ate some cake and why not! Took a few more pictures. After a while, we decided that it was just time for our dinner and we went to the restaurant to continuum or celebration. Having a delicious meal and a good time. 

Later that night, we also had to wait for a couple of hours to move to our new room. Now this time with a working shower, however, that evening it was not perfect for a marvelous Honeymoon at all, my husband was so sick, and we found that his mom too. 

So when something is so delicious doesn't mean always is exquisite. We got poisoned by the food from the restaurant. We made a complaint, and they determined to give us our money back; nevertheless, they were still sick for one more day. 

We could stay in the hotel for a couple of hours more trying to recover us from the sickness. When we felt a little better, we left. My husband had to drive sick all the way at home, and I had to take care of my daughter that she became ill too from the breakfast from the hotel. 

Well, my wedding had everything on it, we had excellent and surprising moments, sickest moments, happy moments all of that in a couple of days, though, an unforgettable moment forever. So we did not get up after all. We have a lot of love and balance in our life. 

Sharing some links that I certainly recommend: where I found the best Officiant, who devotedly dedicated to preparing the ceremony in Spanish and English: Andrew Allen Wedding Officiant. 
This link is the without a doubt helpful because it helps organize every detail since the officiant to find some flowers. Also, the same site lets make a wedding website where it could share it with all the family and friends, check it out our wedding website:

My wedding dress and accessories from Davis Bridal: There can find many colors according to wedding theme and most importantly the price. I selected a previous design. 

Shoes, flowers, basket, and decoration bought on eBay. Countless designs for everyone: Sharing my marriage list: 

Moreover, the pictures that they will be my enduring memory forever and ever. Many, many photos were taken that day at the beach. What a memorable moment. We had the great and the best photograph of the Mendocino area, and she was there for all of us:

Here the places without a doubt do not recommend just, Only if take the risk, good luck!
The Whale Watch Inn in Gualala. 
The Sandbar Restaurant in Gualala. 

Crazy, never-to-be-forgotten and incredible moments we possess. Don't you think, my dear?

Whats up dearie Signature with love

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