What is to be a BzzAgent.

First able for the people who don't know what is BzzAgent.
It is a media network that recruits "BzzAgents" to spread mouth to mouth their opinions, after evaluating the products on them and then doing some report back. Well, I am BzzAgent too, and this is my opinion about it.

I am BzzAgent since a couple of months more precisely six, and I have been able to be in four Campaigns, so here clearly the tasks that every BzzAgent have to do.
  • You need to fill profile information; That means a couple of details about your life, so they know if you fit on particular campaigns
  • Connect all your social network, a kind BzzAgent; it has to be very social so no be shy my dear.
  • Get some badges for your effort, called Achievements
  • Obtain some points that you can redeem those for a gift card or your desire, my dear
  • Be score too, it means more score points, more campaign to be assigned.

Not complicated at all, just start Bzz, be social, share what you like, be creative, and give honest feedback about the product that you get.

As I mentioned before, I have been selected in four Campaign, and these are.
First one: Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream. In this one, I was somewhat shy because it was my first one and I didn't realize that I have to complete all the assignments, so my score was so bad on it.
Second one: ClariSpray, better than the first one, so I knew what I had to do.
Third one: Herbal Essences Back to School, had a lot of fun with this one and my daughter, doing poses, looking and shining our hair and shoot the camera, Great model my beautiful girl.

The last one and no less significant, L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Mask, this one still active, and besides sharing all my activities.

Just like that, so that is what is to be a BzzAgent. If I like? Surely. I adore it doing all my task and sharing my experiences with my network, having fun and loving what I do is the most important thing. That reflects my emotions and my mood too, so don't be shy my dear and start to be social.

Whats up dearie Signature with love

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