National Geographic Kids Readers

Oh my dears, nothing makes me feel happier than finding valuables things for my kids to learn every day, and I am so excited to be part of this Blogger program to show up the fantastic world through National Geographic Kids, so let's start.

National Geographic Kids Readers

Kids are very intrigued, and the way we can reveal the majestic world is exploring books. Books are the key and the way our children begin to love and find the secret of the knowledge.

Why is good to read or to read to our kids?
*Children are more reflective because we will always find a message that will lead them to know how they should act and behave, and identify between good and evil.
*They learn to fight their own concerns. distinguish between the emotions of the protagonists, and what is happening throughout history, is supposed to have arguments to face their own fears, with control.

*The story is one of the foundations for the intellectual development of the child, telling a story can make them comprehend things faster, his brain work with greater certainty.
*It stimulates their memory and desire to express themselves.
*They increase their sensitivity.

*Encourage reading and love of books for our children, intensify their sympathy to know more stories.
*The child gets more words, their vocabulary is broader, 
*Children whose parents often read stories to them, know how to listen.
*Read to them create stronger ties between both

National Geographic Kids Leveled Readers has stunning colorful pages, photos, and illustrations that help our kid's stimulation visual and also capture their attention.
The Bold, bright text and colorful boxes request the child to interact with the book. Plus, enjoyable activities to help them to be thinkers, matching and answer questions. So the best way to learn is playing and have fun. And if they want to be more explorers through the National Geographic Kids Super Readers website they can load free posters, sticker watch videos, play games, and other prizes, so they map their own reading achievements. Accordingly, there are not kids to small or too old to start entry to the magic world of National Geographic Kids Readers.

Beautiful and colorful illustrations
Bold, and bright text
 Reading levels: Pre-reader
 Reading levels: Co-reader
 Reading levels: Fluent-reader
Animal Ark is a book of a celebration of the wild world of poetry and photos
National Geographic Kids, reading levels
Pre-reader: Books are just right for kids who are ready to read
Level 1: Starting to read
Level 2: Reading Independently
Level 3: Fluent reader

Then, what are you waiting to connect us in this magical world full of adventurous things, my dear!

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