Orca Bay Seafood

As a mom, I have always been looking around every day what kind of food to prepare for dinner: healthy, and varied. So I had the opportunity to sample Orca Bay Seafoods Frozen Fish with my family.
Orca Sea Food review

I choose the PINK SALMON FLAKY & DELICATE FILLETS to try, and it’s merely, and healthy natural seafood
This Pink salmon is very tender, delicate, soft, and taste. I made the recipe on the package, and euphoric with the result, very easy to make and very flavorful

Pink salmon, is found in the Pacific Ocean. It is the smallest one on the Pacific only about 4 pounds and the most abundant too.  The Pink salmon has a light pink flesh lightly colored, a mild flavor, and a lower oil content. 
More info about Orca Bay: http://orcabayseafoods.com/

Where to shop for Orca Bay

Pennsylvania- Giant Eagle, Top’s Markets 
Illinois- Meijer's, Fruitful Yield, Treasure Island Foods, Pete’s Market, Strack & Van Til, Ultra Stores, Woodman’s Markets 
North Carolina- EarthFare, Ingles Market 
Georgia- Ingles Market, Sprouts, EarthFare 
Maryland- Safeway 
California- Vons, Safeway, Lucky's, Lassen's, Vicente Foods, Handy Market, Urban Radish 
Arizona- Bashas', Sprouts, Safeway
Texas: HEB, Sprouts 

This post was sponsored. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.
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