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We all know that iron is necessary for our body, in fact, it is one of the most abundant minerals on earth.
It is imperative to include foods that contain iron in our diet, however, for some reasons some people can not absorb iron well, it is when it is necessary to take a supplement with iron.

Iron is a vital mineral; all cells contain it in varying amounts.
It is very imperative to have minimum iron levels to maintain good health. In particular, iron is part of the hemoglobin, the red blood cells, and these are the ones that bring oxygen to the body. Simultaneously, it provides us nutrients, which it delivers energy to our body.

Signs and symptoms of iron deficiency
Gastrointestinal pain
Lack of memory and concentration 
Less ability to defend against infections
Decreased ability to exercise
Hair loss 
Dull skin

Floradix® Iron + Herbs is a liquid supplement specially created to support healthy iron levels equivalent to its maximum absorption. It contains highly soluble iron gluconate, herbal selections, whole food concentrates, and vitamins B and C. This formula is efficient and soothing on the digestive system.  
The best time to take it is before meals, always on an empty stomach, and the absorption is much better.

So, my dearies; Liquid Iron Supplement is the best energetic rehabilitator, so I honestly find myself with more vitality and energy. Always finding a natural balance to my life, quite a bit sweet for my taste, perhaps due to the concentrated juice of Pear, Black Grape, Black Currant, Orange, Blackberry, Cherry, Red Beet, and honey. However, it is a steady supply per day of vitamins and iron that our body needs to works correctly.
More Energy and Balance to my life

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