Living Wide Events in a County Place

Living full dream events in my community where the memorable time is established between beautiful hills, wild animals, and the largest lake in California.
That's right!. Here is where I live now, a peaceful place around hills, a beautiful lake, ponds, deer around the garden and some squirrels running around too. If I miss my old community?, yes, I do, a little. Well, It is a big difference since I have been used to a big city, high buildings, traffic, large shopping malls, museums, parks, and big cinemas, all of that and more in just one town and now a peaceful place where I can reach the moon every night.
the moon

Well, my dearies, one of those dreamy events was The Kids Fishing Derby. A great day for everyone. Above 350 little ones attend. This Derby was one of the largest escorted, and the most significant number of fish caught 146 in total. My little one did not find the weighty fish however it was a great event where the whole family was part of it.
fishing with kids

fishing time

An additional one was the annual Easter Egg Hunt; It was a huge collection of hidden eggs in the grass with individual prizes inside. And the cutest Easter Bunny for the most great shoot with my little one. Face painting, crafts a lot of cookies and the clown, who sculpted a unique swan balloon creation and told us a tongue twister to keep us entertained.

easter bunny

the clown

Also, the fabulous Open House event that was handled at South Lake County Fire Station, where We ride the fire truck, We had fun exterminate the fake fire, and useful information about the Helicopter, so much fun we had!
exterminate the fake fire

the fire truck

Then, my dearie, memorable moments in a county place, quiet, relaxed, breathing pure air and feeling mother nature at my feet. So, which one do you prefer a busy community City or a peaceful County place?. Indeed still missing the big malls although loving the nature.
the waterfall

Whats up dearie Signature with love

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