Hiking in an Ancient Petrified Forest

My dearies; have you ever had the opportunity to visit one of the unique and ancient forests of the world?. Indeed, I have been there and let me describe you that this grove is such magnificent and mighty forest preserved in Calistoga, California. 
Hiking the trails with my family is before-mentioned wonderful feeling between passion and adventure. Trees around 550 years old, walking on compacted Volcanic Ashes, a tunnel tree, The Queen, The Giant, The Twin trees, all of these creations and more on every step in this magnanimous Petrified Forest. Remarkably, a perfect place to explore trails of majestic giants petrified redwood in charming California.
Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest cave

Petrified Forest,giant tree

Petrified Forest, CA

I don't have to be an expert, scientist or geologist to appreciate these creations; I am just a hiker loving nature, therefore what about you my dearie, time for some experience in The Petrified Forest?

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