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I like to retain the journeys I have taken. After all, as the well-known and repeated proverb goes, to recall is to relive, so in this post, it is a dream vacation in my favorite place with my family; Lake Tahoe, of course, my dear! This beautiful place became my favorite spot ever. I still can not decide which image is the best, due to the many beautiful places that we could witness but I will leave in the post the best ones for the delight of all of you, without any doubt. It is incredible the blue-green water of the lake; for the first time in my life to see the mountains wholly covered with snow, those memories will be so markable in my mind forever.

Lake Tahoe CA

So in this article, I want to highlight my typical pictures. I told you before that I am a photography enthusiast? No! Well, it's one of my passions, and of course, an excellent article must be supported with a good photo, right my dear?. So indeed, This magical Lake Tahoe is a photographer and nature lover’s desire landscape. The elevation lake is purity and charm. The around mountains bring snow skiers from the whole world. By the way, Tahoe remains one of the crystals and wealthiest lakes in the world. So without preambles, let's check my memorable Lake Tahoe vacation.

Lake Tahoe

Where We Stayed and Where We Were
We stayed in Basecamp Beer Garden. The place was homey! Love the music they were performing, and the employees were helpful and thoughtful. It was a pleasant ambiance in a relaxing atmosphere outside with firepits.

We also spent time at Donner Ski Ranch. This place is a quiet ski resort, where its extensive area encourages skiers to enjoy the sanctuary of this mountain. We spent 2 hours of entertainment at Snow Tubing. So you're wondering, but what is that? Well, it's a hill where you slide repeatedly but do not worry, you never get tired of climbing the mountain, because they have a mobile carpet to take you effortlessly to the top. And again slide over and over.

snowing on lake tahoe

snow white

snow tubing

Donner ski ranch

lifestyle whats up dearie

In brief, Lake Tahoe is a magical place that deserves more time for exploration. Until our next adventure, my dear friend, to share with all of you! Are these a dream vacation?
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