Our Easter weekend

Our Easter weekend was an outstanding blend of activity and entertainment. It was a beautiful had some quality time with my family, some treat of candies, crafts, bunnies, food and such pleasant weather.

happy Easter photograpy

But, before we started all the celebrations of the resurrection, we also had quite a lot of festivities around, as visiting the library listening to stories about rabbits and making an Easter egg craft. Plus more meetings with the rabbit in the annual Easter hunt from our community, and without forgetting the elaboration of our own arts that we elaborate for our dear readers so my dear, you can find it here.

So let's begin with our busy weekend: On Saturday morning, we went to Easter Eggstravaganza! It was a community event. This event was plenty of craft activities, Jump Houses, by the way, my little one loves to jump like a rabbit, took the famous photo with the legendary Easter Bunny, and some goodies like corn poop and a hot dog for my little one. We spend a lot of time doing the line for the photo with the bunny in its beautiful scenery. My older children were already a little overwhelmed by this endless row that we decided to have our deserved french fries and hamburger for lunch. After that, we spend the rest of the day relaxing and watching TV.

Sunday morning, we headed off to the early morning service to celebrate Easter with the community church. It was a beautiful time celebrating the resurrection of our powerful Jesus. For our family, it is a massive triumph of the Resurrection of Jesus.  Then our plans for the afternoon took us to be in a family, first as we usually do in our house, We started with the crafts activities decorated eggs, and doing some coloring pages. We had some quesadillas for lunch, something quick because in fact, we wanted to start our hideout and egg hunt. And this was the emotion time for our little one, looking, searching and hunting for Easter eggs in our garden, and we had a lot of fun watching her run throughout the backyard, and she did a good job filling her baskets with as many Easter eggs as possible. The next few hours moved by in a display of candy, playing with new Easter goodies, making some bubbles and followed all of this by a delicious BBQ, accompanied by vegetables, and yummy scallop potatoes and ham. Beside finished our Easter time with a fun night, a table game "Clue" by the way my oldest daughter's favorite table game. 

eggstravaganza eeaster

easter basket

easter hunt

easter eggs hunting

hunting eggs

bubbles and kids

BBQ and vegatables

It was one of the best Easter Hunt! However now we need to recover from the most sugar high level. I don’t want my kids even to see candy for a couple of months. My dearie, I hope all of you had a phenomenal weekend and experienced remarkable quality time with loved ones. 

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