International Mother Earth Day

Mother Earth, is a regular expression used to refer to the planet Earth. We celebrate the International Day of Mother Earth every April 22, to promote harmony with nature and this day also provides us the opportunity to raise awareness among all of us about our precious planet and about the problems that affect the Earth.

International Mother Earth day

This day of the year is when we all realize that we have to celebrate and take care of the planet, although this should be every day, because our world cannot wait just one single day each year to be recognized, right ?. We have to take care of it every day! Anyway. However, it is a date as a reminder that we must all do our part so our planet can move forward. Climate change is a fact!.
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We can perform all kinds of actions and activities as a celebration and in the process of uniting in the care of the planet, at least for a day. So, let's dress green in defense of the environment and take some actions.

How to celebrate it?
We can celebrate Earth Day in an ecological way and a particular style. So, well, we can do small acts that together make great bits. Here we leave some tips that we must carry out to improve the situation of our planet earth.

1. Join groups to plant some trees, like my kids at the college, unique event to be part of the community.
2. Change from incandescent lamps to energy-saving lamps.
3. Disconnect their Internet connection and barely spend electricity, I know it's hard to do in these times when we are all connected to social networks.
4. Teach children to appreciate and care for nature.  
5. Recycle, and thousands of animals will thank us.
6. Use the bicycle to go to nearby places, and if for the nearest ones, walking.
7.  Make every day Earth Day. And for this, nothing better than committing ourselves to take care of our planet on a daily basis. Sometimes the small actions of all together are what give rise to the high changes.

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To celebrate this date, the better option for it, Its create awareness among ourselves and those around us that there is only one Earth and is our responsibility. We should all contribute to our daily actions, such as avoiding plastic bags, recycling the garbage we produce daily or switching to low-energy bulbs, collecting trash on the streets, beaches, etc. It is also important that the little ones appreciate our unique home call Earth. We can achieve it as we walk through nature and teach them how beautiful our planet is. Looking after it so that it lasts for generations, through generations, showing them how to reduce water consumption is also vital. And it is that every day should be Earth Day.
I still have faith that we can achieve this by the children of our children.

So, my dear. Let's take care of our planet, and let others take care of it too. So on this Earth Day, we can do something for the change, even something as small as one of these points I have listed.
Do you have more ideas? Let 's talk about and made of our planet a better place to live.
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