Fishing with Kids

There are endless possibilities to practice activities with family, why not try fishing? A fishing session is an extraordinary opportunity to explore or rediscover this fascinating world, for the little ones and the not so small ones. And it is not necessary to be an expert to fish your first fish. We need the right equipment, a bit of curiosity and good advice (this one from my husband, for sure! he is the fishing man). Additionally, fishing with children can be a great way to spend a good time. Plus show them the beauty and respect of nature.

Fishing with Kids

Fishing relaxing time

Although, why is so essential fishing with kids?
1. Fishing is a recreational sport that develops many values too, in addition to helping to shape the character of the kid from an early age, although the child must always be in the company of their parents to motivate them when something does not come out as they expected it.
2. Fishing will help children to forget about technology, as we all know, our children become more and more addicted to television, the internet, and video games every day, so a free time outside of any technology will make them muse and value the environment.
3. Fishing helps to strengthen family ties, so it is ideal that everybody in the family gets involved.

Exploring Fishing

the pond

Here some useful tips to go fishing with your children.
1. Buy a good quality fishing equipment for children. Make sure you have the right stuff, one that is easy to use, lightweight and the right size for the little one.

2. Decide where to go fishing with children. It is one of the most significant factors to go fishing with them. 
Find the right place and make sure that it is an easily accessible place. Otherwise, they will be bored and will not want to return.

3. Go prepared when we go with children! We must always have in mind. Depending on where we go, we should take water, snacks, insect repellent, sunscreen, cleansing wipes, extra clothes in case we get wet.

4. Choose the hook and a box of live worms.

5. Responsible fishing! We must mentalize our children that we are only going to keep the fish that we are going to eat or should return them. We must all be responsible for cleaning the place where we have been and leave it as we found it.

6. Let the child be the protagonist, teach him to throw and encourage them all the time, so they don't get bored.

7. The first capture will be something you will never forget, and the size does not matter. Remember that children do not care about the size of the fish, but the fact of capturing it.

8. Immortalize the moment. Do not forget to take the camera and take pictures throughout the day, especially if you can get some capture from the water. There is no better memory.

little fish

Fishing with little ones

Teaching children how to fish is very satisfying, seeing the next generations following these steps and respecting the environment is an enjoyable experience. This is the second time going fishing with our little one and every moment she feels more comfortable with this activity.
So, my dear! How do you plan to go out fishing with your little ones? 
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