Colombia and it's Colorful Marketplace

The marketplaces are a fundamental part of Colombian culture, so visiting them is inevitable as it can become a very colorful trip.
In Colombia, the marketplaces or Plazas de Mercado are one of the traditional and favorite places to buy all kinds of fruits, vegetables, grains and shopping in overall. These are pretty attractive and popular because it is easy to find them in small towns as well as in big cities like Bogotá. Which was the place that we visited in our vacations, and my husband wanted so badly to appreciate a market place since I have been told him wonders of these places, like the colors, flavors, and textures that we could find in this paradise that offers an almost unlimited amount of fruits and vegetables.
Colombia and its marketplace
In Bogotá, there are 19 public marketplaces. However, the one we visited was the Paloquemao Marketplace (Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao), one of the most main markets in the city.
Plaza de mercado Colombia
This market has many kiosks, where each one will welcome you and give you a try of a particular fruit, but before you start to delight each of them, I recommend visiting the restaurant area to enjoy a typical (Desayuno Santafereño) Bogotá breakfast, (Caldo de Costilla con Arepa) rib broth with arepa. Of course, during the tour, you will definitely want to buy all the exotic and diversity fruits that you will find as granadilla, lulo, watermelon, tree tomato or guanábana. Also, some tubers such as cassava, arracacha or avocado, and by the way do not forget to pack everything in one of the beautiful traditional baskets.
Colombia and its colors

plazas de mercado
Undoubtedly, all that colorful fruit, aroma of the herbs, the traditional flavor, the sympathy of the vendors, that you might find at marketplaces make each visit entertainment and thrilling adventure. The ideal place to visit in Colombia and try some typical and exotic foods for certain, my dear. Have you attended a Colorful market before like the one I just told you? Let me know in the comments!
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