October Family Events 2018

October vanished like a ghost. And without realizing with them all the festivities and activities of Halloween, the Day of the Dead and all the typical celebrations of autumn.
And every year Halloween gains strength in our home and merges with many activities. Halloween performs every time that we might celebrate this festivity in Family.
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Halloween party at home
One of the perhaps most comfortable ways to celebrate Halloween is organizing a chilling costume party for the season. Although it seems complicated, the truth is straightforward. Here are some tricks.

What do you need to make a Halloween party at home?
Decoration: every party needs embellishment and for this a terrifying one. How? The easiest thing is to find stores specialized in parties that already sell much stuff like plates, napkins, etc. and get as well an activity for children that will undoubtedly enjoy it a lot.
Costumes: in a Halloween party everyone must go in disguise. The witches,, and vampires are the most famous in Halloween, but another idea is to celebrate a themed Halloween party: characters from a movie and this will undoubtedly be for our next Halloween. This year my little one was a pirate and little kitty as well.
Food: from candies to decorated cupcakes as simple as that
halloween decoration

halloween costume
How to organize a scary Halloween
Trick or Treat
For our trick or treat, we decided this time to go out to eat and celebrate it in the mall, since special activities would be held there.
One of the typical events is the decoration of pumpkins. They remain precious and are the terrifying decorative resource. Emptying a Halloween pumpkin is very simple. First, you must make a cut on top of the pumpkin. With a spoon, eradicate everything from inside, until it is empty at least up to the height where the holes will be made. In this case, we decorated, and at the same time we had fun doing a sparkling, frightening pumpkin, Watch here our pumpkin video
Visit a Pumpkin Patch 
Halloween has many fun festivals, and among them, we find pumpkin patches:
We enjoyed the ones that we visited, several animals on the farm such as goats, chickens, and sheep. Also, we had a lot of fun time on the Duck Ride, this ride was so beautiful and delightful since it took us to visit and feed the ducks. And my daughter loved this time feeding these cute little animals.
We had the opportunity to choose our pumpkin between huge and small ones. Also, some relaxing time paint it, even she loved the corn bath as well, and many more activities in which she enjoyed amazed.
bubbly pumpkin

corn bath
With these plans, there is no longer an excuse not to celebrate Halloween as a family each year, whether going to a restaurant, celebrating a party at home, or going door to door with your costumes to ask for candy.
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