Ideas to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated in many corners of the world, in remembrance of the death of Patricius, Saint Patron of Ireland, a missionary who is awarded the extension of Christianity to Britain and many areas of Ireland.

Known for its attributes, the Flag and the Three Leaf Clover, this patron finds his loyalty every year at dinners and family gatherings at an intimate level, at the most popular crowds on the part of the devotees, and with multitudinous parades, fun celebrations, and a extremely sprinkling of traditional Irish beer in the biggest cities in the world. Typical festival of Ireland, where the color of hope and beer are the authentic protagonists.

Every March 17 we have good reasons to celebrate, so today I want to propose some good ideas to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. They are simple details in the decoration of your home and your table, and also in the planning of the menu, which will make a simple meeting with family or friends become a memorable occasion of the year.

Whether it's your outfit, your menu, your activities or your home decor, apply these simple suggestions to set the space where you hold your family and friends to celebrate St. Patrick's Day:

Do not forget to wear green! You must wear at least one visible garment of green color, respecting the tradition. If you prefer, you can complete with a costume, a hat of goblins, or even theatrical makeup in this color, but make sure you do not miss your green clothes.

Regarding the menu, you could choose the typical Irish Stew meals: One of the most famous dishes of Irish cuisine, a stew of meat with vegetables. Drinking is a topic to consider as well. The tradition marks that beer should not be absent for the adults; however, I  prefer my cream of whiskey and don't forget for the kids to offer a green apple sorbet.

Ambient music to celebrate St. Patrick's Day can be tenuous, if you prefer, and choose Celtic harmonies first and foremost. My favorite Irish singer is Enya, Celtic, classical, church, and folk music. Her music is characteristic new age sound created from synthesizers, multiple synthesized voices and melodies reminiscent of traditional Irish music.

Crafts and Activities
1. Searching for a treasure
You only need to cut out one green clove, stick them to a bag of chocolate coins, and hide everywhere to look for them, this activity can be very entertaining.
Did you know that St. Patrick's Day is associated as a lucky day and, for eras, people have collected unique four-leaf clovers for luck. Four leaf clovers are hard to find, and because of this, the search for one is assumed to lead more success to a person's life. The legends affirm that each clover represents a spiritual assistant. These are hope, happiness, love, and faith.
st patrick treasure
2. Leprechaun popsicle stick craft
Popsicle Sticks
Pom Poms
Googly eyes 
Craft Foam Sheets

Glue six craft sticks together for the face and four craft sticks for the hat, according with the pic.
Paint three sticks on green and one stick on black for the hat.
For mouth and the button of his hat, cut foam. Glue the mouth, the googly eyes and the Oranges Pom Poms glue those around his face
lastly, add a clover sticker to his hat.
craft popsicle leprachaun

popsicle leprachaun

3. St. Patrick's pots of gold
paint brush
pots (2 inches)
Craft Foam Sheets
popsicle sticks
Googly eyes

Paint the outside of the pot.
Add a clover sticker to the front of each pot.
Fill each pot with gold coins
Decorate one pot with legs made from popsicle sticks and the shoes from foam and the other pot finish with a leprechaun made from foam, make sure his arms are around holding the pot. All the leprechaun is made from foam, approximately 6.5 inches high.
If you want to use the Leprechaun template, cut out, then trace onto the corresponding colored foam:
Body= green
hair= orange
face, ears, and hands= cream
arm= green
band of arm and hat= black
hat= green
bottom of hat= yellow
band of hat= black
Glue each part, using the pic as a reference. Rescale the leprechaun template if you have a bigger clay pot.
st patrick pots of gold

leprachaun pot of gold

4. Toilet Paper Roll Leprechauns
First cut a piece of green foam to wrap around the paper roll.
Make the leprechaun’s hat by wrapping green foam paper around to form a roll. Glue a strip of black around this roll and then glue a yellow square foam as a bottom of the hat. Then make a green circle a little bigger for the bottom of the hat and stick this to the roll paper.
Make his face with foam and attach it to roll paper add the googly eyes, the mustache and decorate with a sticker clover.
toilet paper lepracahun
Something interesting to know, the goblins are small beings no more than three feet tall, quiet, gloomy and isolated. Shoemakers by profession, they are always dressed in green with a striking hat and with two gold coins firmly held in their hands. In one side they hold a magic coin that, although worn, always reappears in the palm of the hand, the other coin turns to ashes when worn.
st patrick day ideas

The choice of the elves as an Irish symbol is that they were considered as the protectors of the treasures of the Fairies. The Leprechauns hide a large pot full of gold at the end of the rainbow, switching it regularly to avoid being found.

Tradition says that if you see one of these green goblins, you should not miss the sight of them, as we will find the treasure at the edge of the rainbow.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to surround yourself with green. Enjoy the outdoors. Besides, outdoors is ideal for getting the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, which is characterized by the union. Take the opportunity to go out and surround yourself in green. For more St Patrick's day activities check my St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas
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