Fun Easter Ideas

Easter is approaching, and do you have everything projected to celebrate it already?. Do not be frightened; here I am going to propose to collect some ideas that way you can provide out your religious celebration in a creative style.
Because Holy Week is not like other grand religious celebrations, and traditions, Easter is also time to spend in mass and, perhaps, having lunch as a family. Moreover, There are those who create a game of hiding as tradition some chocolate Easter eggs that way the little ones have fun looking for them. All this is very great, but let's see if we can give it an original turn and, give life to your Easter.
Easter ideas

First, however, let's start by making clear what Easter is and why we celebrate it. We do not always fully comprehend the festivities that we celebrate every year because of our customs and traditions. Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Christ and his promise of eternal life. Remember that Jesus is the son of God who was persecuted, tortured and finally died on the cross. Three days after he died among thieves, he rose again and promised to those who were faithful to God eternal life after death.
Easter is the closing of Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday, the next highlight is Holy Thursday, which would be the day of the Last Supper and Good Friday, which would be the day of the crucifixion of Christ and finally Resurrection Sunday.

Having a summary of this celebration, let's begin. There are infinite crafts to make at Easter, and we can use numberless materials that we have at home and do what we love, to decorate the house, we only have to be imaginative and use our creation, Here I leave some super and simple ideas for you to fire working to perform with your children.

1. Angry Bird eggs
One of the traditions usually followed by families today is to give eggs during the celebration of Easter. Around the world, this ritual continues decorating chicken eggs, traditionally cooked.
I start with these fantastic Easter eggs from Angry Birds, they are funny and fun as ever, but this time represented on eggs. We have much fun decorating them, and we will use it as a centerpiece to give a festive and original atmosphere to our table.

Egg cooked
Edible Coloring
Permanent marker
Disposable cups

Put water and vinegar in different disposable cups (one for each color)
Add 20 drops of coloring
Submerged the eggs
Having the desired color on them, remove them and let them dry.
Finally, draw on them the faces of the Angry Birds.
easter crafts eggs

Notwithstanding, do you know the origin of this tradition? Unquestionable is that it is a widespread practice throughout the world.  
The Church forbade eating eggs during Lent. Although they did not want to lose the eggs, they decided to decorate them and offer them to the children. What a remarkable idea, for sure!
easter eggs

2. Adorable Easter Bunny and Chick pot
Use a pot to create this cute Easter bunny and Chick. This is an ideal project for children. This project doesn't take time and once ready; you will have a great Craft Easter that will be the perfect container for their goodies. 
craft easter ideas

easter bunny and chick pot

paint brush
pots (2 inches)
paint White and yellow
Craft Foam Sheets
Googly eyes
chenille stem
chocolate eggs

Bunny Pot
Paint the pot with white
Glue the eyes on the pot 
Then on some sheet of foam draw the cheeks, the ears, the nose, and the bunny feet.
Cut the shapes of foam
Glue the shapes foam to the pot 
Finally, fill the pot with some chocolate eggs
easter bunny pot

Chick Pot
Use the pic as a reference as well as the instructions from the bunny pot, but as difference use some chenille stem to make the chick's wings
easter chick pot

3. Bunny and Chick Popsicle
Another easy craft to do.
Popsicle sticks
Orange, white, and pink foam
Googly eyes
Yellow, and white paint

Start by gluing the popsicle 
Paint them with yellow and the other one with white
Made: (feet, beaks, crest and wings with the foam. for the chick) 
(Ears, cheeks, feet, and nose for the bunny)
Cut out the foam shapes
Glue on all the pieces as the pic
easter popsicle craft

Bunny and chick popsicle easter

4. Plate chick
Paper plate
yellow pom pom 
Googly eyes
Orange and yellow foam sheet
chenille stem

Start to glue on the plate some yellow pompoms all around the plate until it is full
For the beak, made and cut an orange foam.
And for the crest and wings, made and cut yellow foam.
Then place some Googly eyes.
To make the feet, cut a chenille stem
Taped these onto the back of the plate.

plate chick easter

These projects are straightforward and pleasant to do, and I am confident that you will have a lot of fun preparing them. Want more Easter inspirations, Check here!
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