Sheira and Loli living in Dittydoodle Works

New alternatives for entertainment children arise every day. However, not all of them offer quality content, education and, of course playful. In fact, to be more clear, a well-designed program is one that takes control of the stage of development of the child and their values.
We must also consider that the role of parents is quite essential in the accompaniment with their kids and that they can participate together, singing, dancing and learning. It is a way to interact and take advantage of learning opportunities together.
Videos with real-life themes inspire and enhance intellectual skills and help maintain self-confidence.
Therefore, it is valid to say that children learn more from the videos in which they feel more connection with the character who transmits the message. And to not go any further, In this post, I will give you details about Dittdoodle Works and the great benefits of these instructive and educational, learning and life messages that these videos bring.

Sheira and Loli are twin rag dolls that live in a community called Dittydoodle Works: This area is an enchanting, harmonious factory that creates fun. Beside their amazingly varied group of friends, as the artist Miss Molly, Doodles the wise-cracking crayon, good-natured troublemaker Zippy the Kwirk, the unconventional and brilliant professors Eeky Eeky Kronk and Squeeky Squeeky Kronk, and the always-helpful Funkins (Pink-a-Dink and Bluedles).
Sheira and Loli discover and learn new life lessons each week, all while singing, dancing, laughing, and having new adventures every week. 

I could say that I am pretty surprised about the great gift that my daughter received from Dittydoodle Works. Indeed, quite perfect for this time since Easter is coming and I always prepare baskets for her. She is so happy to find inside to Sheira and Loli the twin rag dolls, a bunch of stickers, music, entertaining videos and stories from Sheira and Loli.
Now my daughter is discovering with Sheira and Loli a new path to learn new life lessons each week, all while singing, dancing, laughing, and having new adventures every week. 
Sheira and Loli were created to recreate and teach emotional, social and educational lessons as children learn, along with all the characters, about self-esteem, cooperation, relationships, aptitude and concepts about nature, the physical world and the literacy.
New lesson songs are released every Wednesday, check the last one below 

What will be your favorite character? You can find them here and let me know in the comments your favorite one
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