Unique DIY Valentines day Ideas

Valentine's day is the perfect time to establish emotional ties with the people around us and more specific or little ones. This year, I am going to propose some fun ideas for Valentine's Day to celebrate with them.

Sweet gifts
Prepare small bags with candy and a little toy and leave them with breakfast or in the children's room when they wake up as a surprise. You can also prepare these gifts along with the children and give them to their entire school class as exchange gifts. Small details make the difference!
valentines bag gift

Crayons craft
A fun gift that children can make using recycled crayons. Help them with the microwave.
Chop and mix little pieces of crayons of different colors in a high-temperature resistant silicone mold.
Put the mold in the microwave for a couple of minutes until it melted 
Remove the pattern and let it cool.
Once the crayons are completely solid, remove them from the molds and glue to card with friendly messages or give them a chocolate bar as well.

crayons art

melted crayons

crayons craft

Garland of hearts
Make your home a special place with colored hearts so that children can feel the unique spirit of this day. You can cut strips of paper and join them, forming a heart, as I show you in the following image. Build hearts using the folded paper technique. Have you ever made paper fans? If so, it will be very simple.
Cut different colored paper.
Fold two different colors in half and join both parts with a staple, forming a heart. When you have several hearts, unite them. To do this, staple each other to form a long garland hearts.
Place a ribbon on top of the garlands and hang them around a plastic cup. In this case, I painted my plastic cup pink to give it a nice touch, and hang them on the gate of my house.
garland gift idea

garland valentines idea

Rocket confetti 
Sure, the kids will love this idea!
For this craft, I used a roll of paper, previously decorated with small hearts around it. Then cut the wide part of a balloon and stick it tightly to one end of the roll. And at the other end of the globe, we will make a knot. The knot of the balloon is the section to launch the confetti of our explosive rocket.
rocket confetti

Here is a curious fact about my native culture Colombia.
In Colombia, we don't celebrate Valentine's day on February 14. It is in September. This month of February is the beginning of the school season, and the most significant thing of this month is that we celebrate the carnival of Barranquilla city located on the Caribbean coast. But it doesn't mean that in Colombia, we don't celebrate the season of love. Indeed, we do, however, is called "Day of love and friendship" (Dia del Amor y la Amistad), besides that we play a game called the secret friend. The tradition of the "secret friend" is common in schools. This activity consists of introducing small papers with the names of the participants in a container. Then, each one extracts one from the container or box and must give a gift to the person whose name says the paper. A tradition of exchanging a little friendship and love on that season.
How are you going to celebrate Valentine's day, this year, do you have any tradition at all? Tell me in the comments which idea you loved most and have a lovely day. 
DIY Valentines ideas

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