How to Catch a Leprechaun

Are you looking for an enjoyable craft to do with your child on St. Patrick's Day? This memorable day is celebrated every March 17 to commemorate the death of the patron of Ireland.
In this post, I will explain to you how to build a leprechaun trap with precise calculation, engineering an entertaining way to learn steam.
STEAM stands for the disciplines Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Steam, the tendency to incorporate art to generate innovation and creativity in each project. 
In this post, I added 4 ideas from the book how to build a leprechaun trap. So let's start building our traps!
build a leprechaun trap

1. Mini Irish Terrarium
Grow a miniature Irish Garden that will stop a leprechaun right in his paths!
Mason jar
Potting soil

First. I will create layers: the potting mix, sand, and stones.
Once the layers are complete, spray some water on the top of the layer until it is very wet. Spray a few seeds on the moist soil. Press them lightly against the ground for best results and finally add the decorations and stickers.
how to make a terrarium


DIY terrarium

This activity will show you the water cycle in action! After you water your terrarium, the water evaporates, and droplets collect at the top of your terrarium. These droplets then drip down to nourish your plants like rain. Your garden recycles the water you provide, over and over again, which is why you only need to water them every few weeks. Be sure to look up additional information on terrarium care based on the types of plants you have and the specific conditions your plants may need. Keep track of growth and watering in a science log to determine how often you need to replenish the water in your ecosystem.

2. Castles in Ireland
Building blocks
how to build a castle

This activity requires technology and engineering skills to determine which materials can be used to construct a castle in the most structurally sound, appropriate, and realistic looking way. Castles have tons of nooks and crannies-how can you replicate those? What did Irish folk do to stabilize and secure the materials to create this timeless architecture?

3. Leprechaun trap hat
pipe cleaners
Green, black and yellow foamy
Hot glue and gun Craft glue
leprechaun hat

how to make a leprechaun hat

Mathematics plays a crucial role in making this trap and manipulating the Foami to measuring a green circle to affix on top of your cylinder-shaped hat and a second one on the bottom (another geometric shape).
Grab your ruler and determine if you want to measure in inches (American measurement system) or centimeters (metric system). This takes concentration and steady fingers.

4. Box trap
Green glitter paint
Gold coins
Rainbow decor
box trap

golden box leprechaun

With this trap, we will undoubtedly catch him. Leprechauns love shiny things! Rainbows attract leprechauns, so I decide to put one on the drawer. You can add rainbows in lots of fun and creative ways, like rainbows, colorful buttons, pom poms, paint, beads, pipe cleaners, and much more!

Gold, gold, gold! Pots of gold are what keep leprechauns on the prowl ... and susceptible to your traps! This is a necessary addition to any trap you create.

Leprechauns are cobblers and love mending and tending to shoes. If you hear the sound of a little hammer, your leprechaun is undoubtedly close by! Perhaps keeping your trap near the shoe closet is an excellent way to lure them from their hiding spots.

Now that you have some ideas, would you like to find more?
Be sure to look up additional information on these books about, How to catch a leprechaun and how to build a leprechaun trap for more tricks, steams connection, and fun facts as: did you know that the whole island of Ireland is about the same size as the state of Indiana. It takes less than eight hours to drive the top of the country to the bottom! 
how to catch a leprechaun

For more DIY crafts here or more, St. Patrick crafts here.
And don't forget to find the pot with gold coins that are always at the end of the rainbow that takes care of the magic goblins dressed in greenish.

how to build a leprechaun trap

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