Easter Crafts to Make

Crafts are always a perfect and fun resource to enjoy as a family. For this reason, today, I want to share some fun and simple Easter crafts to do with your children in these moments, which we must be more united and keep our minds busy. I'm pretty positive, and I count the days that go by, and I know there will be a time when this is all over. Anyways, some of these crafts are very easy to make, and, besides, they will be perfect for decorating the house. Mostly all the time, our craft lasts for the next festivities. So, we keep them for a nice remember decor.

Bunny mask
If there is something that almost all children like it is to dress up, but if they are the ones who make their own masks, the enthusiasm is much more.
Here's what you'll need ...
• Foam white and pink
• Glue
• Scissors
• Printed Bunny Template
Here's how you make it ...
1. Cut the template shapes. Trace and cut out the ears and nose in different colors (we did ours in pink).
2. Glue the ears and the nose, and you're done!
3. Cut more templates, and let the kids decor them as they desire.

bunny mask

Paper Mache Eggs
With very few elements you surely have at home, you can create fantastic crafts for children. Our next art is: paper mache eggs
This cute craft for children will delight adults as well. Don't you think the paper-mâché eggs look really cool? Inside you can fill them with chocolates, sweets and other surprises. 
Old newspaper
Different paint colors
Inflate each balloon and start gluing strips of paper soaked in glue, making enough layers until it is entirely consistent. Let it dry for a couple of hours, and once the egg is very dry, slowly deflate the balloon and remove it and proceed to color the egg, let it dry, and for the final, fill it with sweets or surprises.

paper mache egg

craft egg paper

Beep piñata
For our handmade piñata we will need:
Cardboard and corrugated yellow sheets
Black Foam
Cotton ball
Strong adhesive tape
Yellow tissue paper
Treats if you want to fill the pinata
First, Printed the Bunny Template, and we draw it on two cardboard. We cut them out and make the edges as well. The width of the edges depends on how width you desire to make it. To attach them to the cardboard silhouette, use masking tape. Now we place the other side of the rabbit and secure it again with tape. Then, we can cover it with the corrugated yellow sheets. And we proceed to glue yellow tissue paper that prior, we have made wide strips and made fringes. We add pieces all around the figure without leaving any gap; in the end, we will make three circles for the eyes and mouth in black foamy. Make this even cuter by gluing a cotton ball to the back for the tail!

beep pinata

rabbit pinata craft

These are awkward moments, but, at the same time, they are moments to reflect. Keep safe at home and happy Easter.

easter crafts

easter crafts to make

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