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The immune system of children has a strong connection with resilience, which can be defined as the human being's ability to go through adverse situations and strengthen them. Being attentive to what the child needs, offering exploration and recreational activities that allow them to know and interact with the world, accompanying them in this process but respecting their autonomy and independence is essential. However, they must receive adequate food to strengthen their defenses and create a natural barrier against infection.

Gut Connection Kids Immune Balance is a tasty animal-shaped chewable. Help support a strong & healthy immune system and improve gut microbiome health.

Gut Connection Kids Immune Balance

Through food, all the nutrients required for the proper functioning of the immune system enter the body: a vital part of the "defenses" is concentrated in the intestine, and its proper functioning is influenced by the balance of the microbiota (intestinal flora), which in turn is conditioned by food.
The recommendation is to eat a varied diet, rich in vegetables and fruits (which provide vitamins and minerals), including fish, meat, dairy products, cereals (preferably whole grains), legumes, and olive oil.
Gut Connection Kids Digestive Balance is a tasty animal-shaped chewable. Digestive Balance focuses on providing the nutrients to maintain good gut and immune health, reduce occasional bloating or discomfort, and even improve weekly bowel movements.

Gut Connection Kids Digestive Balance

Every time the child turns, swings, or turns on himself, his neurons multiply and connect, which favors his cognitive development, the coordination of his senses and the motor system, and stimulates his perspective, which is essential for learning. It is also necessary to develop spatial awareness, a correct relationship between the body, space, and the things around us.

Gut Connection Kids Cognitive Balance is a tasty animal-shaped chewable. Cognitive Balance contains a powerful prebiotic blend to maintain gut health and support communication between the nervous and digestive systems.

Gut Connection Kids Cognitive Balance

It is no secret that sleep is essential for the health and development of children. Sleep in children promotes feeling alert, having a good memory, and having a better attitude, among many other things. Children who get enough and good sleep do better and are less prone to behavior problems and irritability. That is why parents must help their children promote good sleeping habits from an early age, inculcating in them a well-established routine that allows our little ones to get ideal sleep for their growth.

Every child is different and the number of hours of sleep they need varies depending on their age. 
0 to 2 months: 5 - 18 hours
2 to 12 months: 14 - 15 hours
1 to 3 years: 12 - 14 hours
3 to 5 years: 11 - 13 hours
5 to 12 years: 10 - 11 hours

Gut Connection Kids Sleep Balance is a delicious chocolate powder that helps reduce stress so kids can fall asleep faster & longer.

Gut Connection Kids Sleep Balance

A well-balanced immune system reduces children's risk of allergies and susceptibility to infection. And Gut Connection help to strengthen kids immune system.

Gut connection

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