Valentines Gnome Garland


These cute little gnomes with mocking and nosy characters are the protagonists in many classic children's stories. They are fantastic creatures characteristic of the mythology of northern Europe. According to these legends and specific Kabbalistic theories, gnomes usually live inside the Earth and are the guardians of precious stones and metals found in the subsoil. Saying that I am feeling a little obsessed with gnomes lately, and probably because of their profound wisdom and their millenary knowledge about the Earth and the universe. 

They can glimpse the future from the study of the past and the present. So, Because these creatures in some point are ligate with Valentines, I decide to dedicate this blog to commemorate Valentine's Day with this adorable garland gnome made primary with a Cricut but not be discouraged if you do not have a cutter; I will also leave the templates to do it by hand. 

Valentines Gnome Garland


  • Different cardstock colors 
  • Cricut (If you don't have one, scissors will be your friend) 
  • Adhesive foam circles 
  • Printer 
  • Fairy lights 
  • Glue
  • Gnome file SVG
The Gnome file to upload into Cricut design is in SVG. These file formats can easily be uploaded into Cricut Joy Design to be cut. Below is a video explaining: 
  • How to upload the file to Cricut design space to easily cut it; 
  • Change the colors of each section, 
  • Change the size, 
  • and how many layers to cut for each part as well. So let's begin.

Garland gnome

After cutting all the shapes, we need to assemble them, so our dots will be excellent to glue each layer together. To finish, we place them in the fairy light, and we finished our project. I will leave the PDF and PNG files for those who want to make them by hand, making it easy to print and cut or cut and glue.

Cricut Joy

Gnome garland

Doing crafts settles my mind and decrease stress. 

If you found it helpful, share it, and tell me what craft would like me to share with you; if you have any questions about this project, please comment, and I will be happy to respond immediately.

Below I share the free files that you can download following the instructions given in this blog!

Have a happy crafty!




Valentines gnome garland

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