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When we limit electronic devices, we give our children time to explore, participate in active games, and be healthier children.
We know, for example, that not having time limits when it comes to electronic devices can have negative consequences, but also when they are used responsibly, they can be beneficial, efficient, and productive screen time. If that includes an educational experience.
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Now, Free time without devices is more beneficial for children's mental health. Free time gives children space and opportunities to develop and strengthen their physical abilities, such as running, jumping, climbing, lifting, or exploring. Physical activity promotes brain development, which helps children improve memory and be more alert.
While playing, children use and develop their imaginations. Such as few samples: Children use playdoh and create delicious menus. They build sandcastles and fortresses out of stones. Their imaginations have no limits. When children play freely, they learn to work together and solve problems. They develop persistence, communication, and negotiation skills. Children are full of curiosity and a desire to explore the world. Thus, it is essential to encourage their hobbies from a very young age and help them enhance them; perhaps, they will become their great passions in life.
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Tips for reducing screen time:

Parents are role models: the best we can do is be a good sample for them and be very responsible for making excellent and moderate use of our own devices.
Designate daily activities: less screen time, more playtime.
Parental control: It's a way to filter or block unwanted content in our kid's devices.
What are Parental Controls?

A parental control system is a tool that allows parents to control and limit the content to which their children can access the internet from their devices, whether they are computers, mobiles, or tablets.
Circle Home Plus is one of the parental control tools that I have found very convenient as a parental control system. After finished setting, it will manage all your family's connected devices, wherever they are, wherever they go.

Circle home plus

The installation of circle home plus is straightforward and intuitive. Download the application on your mobile device, and a Circle account will be created on the web; after that, you will start creating profiles for every member of the family and connect the devices to it. After all the adjustments, you will enjoy all the advantages of kid-safe experiences and filters designed for each family member.

Some of the features of circle home plus
  1. Create profiles for everyone.
  2. It will allow blocking websites.
  3. Application control: social networks, access to web browsers, access Google Play or Apple Store to make purchases, etc.
  4. Control the amount of time of use. 
  5. Routine at bedtime: With this, we can determine an excellent daily routine at bedtime. It is proven that screens are the enemies of good children's sleep, so if we want them to sleep well, it is best to keep them away from them during this period.
  6. Location: It allows you to know the area in which your child is located, knowing where the kid is in real-time.
In conclusion, limiting the control of devices is a perfect way for our children to learn to use applications responsibly. It is crucial for parents never to stop paying attention to their connection with technological devices.
Overall, Circle home plus is the best supervision plan to have at home. It is a great source to give us the idea of what our kids are doing in front of the screens all day besides setting a bedtime, block or pause internet access, and limited time of use.
Since Circle Home Plus has been an excellent experience for me and I would like to share with everyone 20% on purchasing a Circle Home Plus device + 1-year subscription to the application or Circle Home Plus device + lifetime subscription to the application with the promotion code MOMSMEET2021. Valid until 10/15/21. One promo code use per person.

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