LOL OMG Movie Magic Dolls

LOL OMG movie magic dolls

LOL OMG, Movie Magic Dolls. As the name indicates, these fantastic dolls will be complete movie stars as they come in excellent movie packaging.

These Movie Magic Dolls are currently 4 to collect
  • Starlette
  • Galaxy Gurl
  • Spirit Queen
  • Miss Direct
Each doll will come with two separate outfits, so you can change them up for diverse scenes to create.  And plenty of surprises to unbox.  This time around, there are 25 astonishing surprises. 

This post will be for 
  • Spirit Queen
Spirit queen comes with two beautiful outfits that might say it's perfect for the upcoming Halloween season; the first outfit looks like something out of a witches' movie and the second outfit from a mystery series. 
Different movies inspire the collection, so these dolls are the queens of the silver screen; besides, it's awe-inspiring since the box itself transforms into a theater, so, It is perfect to create our movie with its packaging. Spirit Queen has quite impressive hair, like a real movie star, and her accessories are pretty cute, matching her outfit. 3D glasses are also included to reveal additional secrets inside the box.
lol dolls
LOL OMG Movie Magic Spirit Queen

Movie magic dolls

Lol doll scene
The box itself transforms into a stage.

Spirit queen

lol doll spirit queen
this side becomes a movie theater

lol doll surprises
this box looks like an old video cassette

lol 3d glasses

lol doll movie start
Reveling secrets inside with the 3D glasses

lol spirit queen

lol doll movie start spirit queen

lol doll OMG

lol surprises

lol dolls surprises

Spirit Queen from the collection of four LOL Surprise Movie Magic OMG fashion dolls. And she is ready to be pre-order.
And watch the unboxing video here
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