Pasta with Genovese Pesto and Shrimp


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How about a good pasta with creamy Genovese pesto and some sautéed shrimp?

If you are a fan of pasta and looking for new ideas to cook, you will love this pasta with pesto—a dish of Italian cuisine that will surprise you with its flavor. And so simple to make that it will become one of your favorite dishes.


In Italian cuisine, both pizza and pasta are the best-known dishes. Among the most used ingredients or preparations, parmesan cheese and pesto also stand out, and I will show you how to add all these ingredients to the below recipe.


barilla pesto

Step by Step

How to prepare pasta with Creamy Genovese Pesto and shrimp:


In a wide frying pan, grill the shrimp with olive oil. When they are brown on both sides, add sliced ​​black olives and minced garlic cloves.

Cook the pasta in an abundance of boiling water with salt for 8-9 minutes.

Add the pasta and Barilla Creamy Genovese Pesto and combine all the flavors, mix and serve. Decorate with parmesan cheese and some aromatic herbs, if you would like, and… enjoy the flavors of Italy!

This recipe is great to eat as a single dish. This Italian recipe's mixture of aromas and textures is full of Mediterranean flavor; you would not need anything else to make the whole family enjoy it.

You can find more Creamy recipe Genovese Pesto here.

Barilla Creamy Genovese Pesto is a product that can be used in multiple ways and does not need to be heated before use. Here are some delicious options:

  • Stirring into warm pasta and grains 
  • Spreading onto sandwiches or toast
  • Marinating meats and vegetables
  • Using as a dip

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